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Brightened whites, tans, grays and colorless tastes have always been a go to for me when it comes to fashion. With the summer heat nearing there is an aspect that goes along with such styles that screams comfort and moderation. However, it is not a relaxed state equivalent to sweatpants and tee shirts. It is quite relatable to styles of the runway that cause a stir anywhere you would go.

Shorts, tops and pieces in minimalist hues and folds ever so unforgettable, Alan Taylor has a capability that many brands and designers do not sincerely posses when it comes down to fashion design. The fashion video for the SS13 line is a grand depiction of the line. Gliding upon treadmills the models wearing the pieces appeared as posh as can be with a swing of edgy that is usually so difficult to accomplish. Perfectly combined with tailored looks and hems that are purely flawless in symmetrical proportions, including pale plaids, khakis and slacks. Both suitable for day time adventures in the city and a night out on the town, Alan Taylor SS13 is a go to line for a successful look that is welcomed by many admiring eyes that just cant get enough of fashion that takes a plunge into sweet crazes.