The visuals from Germany based label, Aleftina, which show metallic, futuristic garments shot against a derelict, urban backdrop reflect a collection which breathes creativity and imagination. Aleftina is the modern designer and the mind behind the clothes. Having only recently graduated from university this year, her collection ‘Asphalt’ has a sense of freedom and youth as she approaches fashion design without restraints. The eccentric, shiny garments with oversized boots are reminiscent of costumes from a futuristic sci fi film, with the blacked out glasses completing the look. Aleftina somewhat ignores all the rules and the ‘out of this world’ feel is continued as she plays with proportion and shape within these designs. She has created a collection which would undoubtedly divide opinion but love it or hate it, there’s no denying that both the designer and the garments can not be ignored in their originality.