The androgynous undercurrent to most high-end menswear designs is so very present and indeed current, that it can at times feel less than exciting – diluted and obvious even. What sets Anna Bezgubenko apart from many of her peers is her profound exploration of sartorial endeavours to create contemporary cuts that feel pertinent right now, without too forced a focus on the whole unisex shebang. This latest collection is an inspired oeuvre. The Dissectors has its origins in interpretations of medical smocks, scrubs and aprons. The seemingly simplistic silhouettes are in fact works of complex minimalism; garments’ overtone of sober purity is achieved through “the interaction of fabrication and cut, handwork and technology, hybridisation and utilitarianism”. Such cerebral design often results in awkward realisations which appear lost in conceptuality and are, frankly, largely undesirable. Yet Bezgubenko’s clothes are a considered edit of her proposed ideals. What’s more, they actually work remarkably well in the reality of contemporary fashion.