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Amidst the long fashion season, currently in process, time revolves ever so quickly. However, not everyone chooses to jump onto this seasonal merry-go-round. There remains room for understated, calm and composed work, conducted in diligent and focused studios. No stranger to these paces is the work curated by ANNE VEST. Her latest offering, presented earlier this fall in Paris, marks another chapter in her sincere take on opulent tailoring. Scandinavian by nature, but clearly influenced by those years spent alongside Parisian bohemians, Anne’s work continues to be sincere, tactile and highly expressive. This collection too, offers a fresh touch of contrast as it further moves away from her often rather gloomy Nordic contemporaries. For SS16 she presents cropped jackets paired with fitted denim bottoms, languid poplin kaftans appear adorned with brocade details and short polka dotted blouses are matched with voluminous perforated suede skirts. The styles are subtly revealing and agile, with Anne’s signature sensual exposure of the skin being a key feature. As we turn the cooler pages of winter, she clearly felt inspired by the Nordic spring foliage with garments toned in black, cognac, dark blue, hues of rose, soft gold and a dash of red.