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If you ever wondered what will happen if a French designer teams up with a German, Augustin Teboul is the answer. Once more, the avant-garde label introduces strictly clear-black clothes inspired by surrealism. Combining minimal shapes with nostalgic details, the duo achieves a ready-to-wear line which re-discovers femininity and luxury. For their spring/summer 14 series, inspired by Christianity, they have created clothes that pair up modern with classic, by combining interesting materials such as leather with chiffon and embroidery with Swarovski elements. Heavy and delicate knits, asymmetrical cuts, silk and cobweb knits and transparency is what sums up their collection of refined workmanship, consisting mostly of dresses. Although their style is based on melodramatic and mysterious statement pieces, clothes can be combined for a more subdued look. Romantic goth silhouettes create an elegant and timeless collection, for unique spring looks that stand out from the usual.