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Since its inception near on ten years ago, Bibi Chemnitz has continued to defy the emblematic benchmarks associated with contemporary leisurewear. Roused by her surroundings, Bibi’s designs meld components from her new home in Copenhagen with those of her birthplace in Greenland to create fresh, technically focused garments with a nostalgic direction. For SS16, the label continues its exploration of conflicting design elements as sportswear staples such as t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts are modernised through the innovatory use of layering techniques, laser cut polyester and a host of diverse prints and patterns. Traditional Inuit facial tattoos, swimming seals and the word ‘Greenland’ emblazon each piece in an ode to Bibi’s pervasive heritage. Largely monochromatic with kinetic accents of magenta and chartreuse, SS16 sees an already prolific label vivify street wear with tangible sentiment and new wave momentum.