Bitching and Junkfood 2013 Spring Summer CollectionA running characteristic throughout the MADE SS13 collection is the use of authentic fabrics including denim and leather. However, Bitching & Junkfood manipulate these materials in a manner which is a diverse step away from what we usually see within the fashion industry. Many of the garments within the collection suggest DIY connotations, this cut out and layered effect is a notion of attainability and the ‘every day’ but with a hint of sex appeal. It is apparent that the garments are of a high quality and are made for an exclusive group of consumers.

Throughout the designs, the ankles are adorned with a black harness which adds the suggestion of bondage and furthermore, a sexualisation to the outfits. Bitching & Junkfood’s Spring/Summer 13 collection showcases a variety of designs including high-waisted short shorts, patterned leotards, matching leggings & bralettes and bright multicoloured dresses.

The designs often feature an artistic relevance- some of the fabrics look tie dyed, look like brush strokes or other bold art expressions and are concepts that have been developed, helping to form the link which is often dismissed, between art and fashion. The lookbook showcases a combination of contrasting clothing, that seem to compliment one another in an unusual manner.