The new jewellery collection from Bjorg manages to tread carefully along the fine line between the conceptual and the wearable. Founded in 2004, the designer Bjorg Nordli-Mathisen has an evidently conceptual approach to fashion. For the spring 2015 collection the inspiration is the world of mirrors. Entitled “Hall of Mirrors” the pieces in the range attempt to go beyond the looking glass to see whether there are worlds other than ours, where form and function behave in different ways. Created in the trademark rough precious stones and crafted metal textures, all pieces are handmade and are 100% natural. The rough and unfinished looking nature of the jewellery is its strongest draw which makes the range look and feel precious without looking too high end and glossy. The brand is known for the way that bronze foundations are taken in a new direction, which is evident from the pieces for next spring.