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Whilst fashion is once again appreciating and recognising the bright colours and patterns from previous seasons, there is undoubtedly still a huge gap in the market for the gothic, dark and tailored men’s trend. The combination of leather, nylon, cotton and other thick fabrics help to diversify the lookbook and to create a sense of class, expensive taste and exclusivity.

Low crotches (harem pant silhouettes) help to create a loosened upper leg, whilst the tailoring of the lower legs adds some tailoring and accentuating shaping to the masculine form. When teamed with layering of the torso- either adding a hood, a contoured or constraining neck line- the underlying connotations suggest both masculinity and femininity but in a subtle way. Byungmun Seo introduces undertones of the gothic subculture but still clings to the idea of being fashion forward and maintaining a professional visual.