CHASSEUR EXCLUSIVE preview of Empire State Of Mind by AndroxxSprinting off of the train to the Jadite Gallery in New York City, I was anxious to view all of Androxx’s masterpieces face to face. My mind spun in exhilaration as I grabbed by two friends in eagerness. Entering the gallery I was greeted by the sweet smell of popcorn and alcoholic delights. After hanging my coat I was instantly gravitated towards “Milkshake” featuring the ever so beautiful Caio Cesar. With the words “I Can Teach You But I Have To Charge” marked across the art work I was instantly transported to my fourteen year old self who once sang this tune at the top of my lungs while gyrating my hips. Well, the use of song lyrics in Androxx’s work seemed quite constant. As a music lover, I was very pleased for music acts as the most flawless caption to any form of self expression.

“Who Am I To Disagree” one of my most favorite tunes portrayed in the most sizzling manner in Sweet Dreams with model Tanner Dillon. It’s a sticky Pop Culture substance mixed in with the electrifying taste of what remains stunning in the eyes of society. From attributes of Andy Warhol and various fixtures of trends of the past and present Androxx truly captured the spiraling chaos of youth that we all love. In “Words” Caio Cesar sports a tiny shirt that elegantly spells out “FUCK ART LETS KILL”. Pushing the evelope just enough, I was floored with the creativity that flowed throughout this room.

Meeting Androxx and being able to speak with him was the cherry on top of this grand night. He was fascinating, inventive and inspirationally enthralled into his work. His explination for each of his pieces truly struck a cord with me. He knew in his mind exactly what he wanted and he accomplished every vision and molded together a collection of art that accurately portrays the sweet flair of today’s associations.

 CHASSEUR at the debut show of NY artist ANDROXXCHASSEUR at the debut show of NY artist ANDROXXCHASSEUR at the debut show of NY artist ANDROXXCHASSEUR at the debut show of NY artist ANDROXX