Lucio Vanotti 2014 Spring Summer CollectionDesigner Lucio Vanotti is based in one of the most inspiring cities in the world of fashion, Milan. Surrounded by an array of influences Vanotti uses his superb creativity and craftsmanship to create collections full to the brim with quality each season. Vanotti’s latest collection is no exception to this rule of quality. Here he speaks candidly to Chasseur Magazine about his career from when he realised fashion was his vocation to what he thinks of the structural education of fashion and what inspired his new collection for SS14. Vanotti also speaks about what he does to unwind and what his plans are for the future.

When did you realise fashion was the road to go, for you?

Personally, I have always tried to discuss and asses aesthetics, even as a child. I always felt drawn to exploring several roads. It is a combination of a plethora of interest and a minute focus on researching and sculpting the dimensions of modern aesthetics. So from the age of 18, I decided to make fashion my career, I could not have chosen differently.

You studied at the Marangoni Institute in Milan. Do you think fashion can be taught or is learned along the way?

According to me, one can teach a technique, give some information on construction and perhaps teach you how to work for other designers. These are merely the foundations of fashion design. What an education does not provide are sartorial references and the quality of being/remaining close to yourself. This to me is essential.

Lucio Vanotti 2014 Spring Summer CollectionBeing based in Italy, what is your opinion about the Italian fashion; what does it lack or has to offer better than other European fashion centres?

Nowdays, I think it is very difficult to categorise fashion by countries as we live in a very globally connected world. Nonetheless, in Italy we have exuded beauty for centuries, as we all have grown in a culture surrounded by histories and profound imagery. Fashionable Italians at times only lack the pride and confidence of the new generation. This is perhaps due to a lack of space for young people.

What qualities are you trying to present in designing clothes with loose forms that almost hide the female silhouette as opposed to typical female clothes?

I prefer to talk about ideas rather than the body which¬† I find to be more sensual if covered and not exposed immediately. This adds a sense of secrecy and illusion. Naturally, I do like to talk about faces, as through my aesthetics, I try to gently slide the viewer’s gaze to the face of each individual.

Lucio Vanotti 2014 Spring Summer CollectionWhat were your main inspirations for your latest collection?

For the summer collections usually I get involved in an escape, moving towards something more primal and natural. For the SS14 collection this simply was the feeling of a crisp dip in the water, submerged in the liquid water borders of the pool, that and he the primordial liquid shape of eggs.

Have you had to make any sacrifices to get to where you are?

No and if I made them, I have never had anything imposed anything to me. To me it always has been pivotal to let slide what I feel, to express and sense, which is not always easy.

Lucio Vanotti 2014 Spring Summer CollectionHow do you like to unwind from your busy work schedule?

I like reading, listening to Bach, dancing to techno music and petting my dog.

What are your plans for the future?

To grow straightforwardly and to remain free.