Audrey Kitching © CHASSEUR MAGAZINE I still recall my MySpace days back in 2006. It was all about goofy nicknames, screamo music, cool layouts and overly photoshopped pictures. That digital era also saw the rise of many web celebrities including Chris Dakota, Jeffree Star and Christine Dolce. Many had their fair share of 15 minutes of fame and soon vanished. There was however one who not only made it all the way to the top but still remains an internet sensation to the day. That would be none other than Audrey Kitching, who continues to surprise us with her creativity and everlasting girl-power all while leading a perfectly balanced life under the watchful eye of her thousands fans. Read as we discover the ways in which the girl with the pink hair has grown to become the woman she is today.

When we think Audrey Kitching, countless things come to mind but the colour Pink is the one that really sticks out. What makes ‘La Vie En Rose’ so damn good?

You know I have had pink hair almost 10 years! It’s kinda crazy, it’s like my natural color now. When I was 16 I would always look at pink wigs and hair dye and say to myself “one day I will have pink hair” and I guess I set my mind to it and never looked back!

Radio, blogs, magazines, big campaigns, fashion and art projects; you’ve done them all. There is no doubt that this must have been a rather exciting transition for you from your early MySpace days. How much of that girl do you still see in yourself today?

It’s so funny to think back to 2005 – 2006 when that all happened. No one says I want to be famous on Myspace, I wouldn’t say it was a goal by any means it kinda just happened. I would be lying if I said that wasn’t an important starting point in my career. Still so many of my followers have been with me since the start, it’s really interesting! I have always been the same person, someone who sticks to my own thoughts and goes to the beat of my own drum. I guess I’m just a lot more refined and less rebellious with something to prove these days. Everyone goes through their experimental ‘finding themselves’ period. Mine just happened to be in the public which is a bit embarrassing meaning those images will never go away – Google search will be the hell of me!

With an ever-growing fan base that counts thousands of people, it is only natural that many consider you to be their role model; a rather rewarding feeling which nonetheless should be adding certain pressure to you. What are your thoughts on it?

Totally on point in both accounts. It’s a great honor but there is a certain pressure. People put you on a pedestal and expect you to be this super human. I once got cursed out for saying I use honey ‘because it was promoting the raping of bees’.

Staying on the topic of fans; have you ever met anyone very special or had any particular incidents worth mentioning, so far?

I have met people who just cry or freak out and run away, or follow me around a store for 30 minutes then message me online and tell me. I have had all kinds of experiences – they are so funny, I love my supporters!

As with all things, there are two sides in everything and the media industry is definitely no exception. Which would you consider to be the good and bad points of it, judging from your personal experience?

The best thing is obviously just being able to be creative and express yourself in different projects all the time! I’m so lucky to have that freedom, really I am. The worst I think is just the judging. When I work with brands who have their own social media followings for instance and they post images of me sometimes the comments are about how much I suck or that they hate me. It’s like you don’t even know me, really? I think internet hate is so 2008 and anyone still doing it on the cusp of 2014 needs a major life re-evaluation. It’s nothing but their own insecurities oozing out in public, it’s very tacky.

Audrey Kitching © CHASSEUR MAGAZINE bodysuit  BEBAROQUE | pants SENA NYC | necklace CARBON COPY | ring KAREN LONDON | cuff AUDREY’S OWN

Leading such a busy life must be quite hard. Where do you find escapism?

Bubble baths, herbal tea and running are a must, especially while traveling! I need to stay to a routine and schedule to be balanced. I’m not one of those jet setters who fly all over globe eating fast food and partying until 4am. I need balance in my life or no work would ever get done! I stick to a pretty strict schedule as far as self pampering, relaxation, healthy food and sleep patterns are concerned. I won’t stay in a hotel room without a bath tub, it’s my one diva demand. I have pink hair with extensions. I can’t wash it everyday!

Our new issue takes inspiration from the emotive nature of autumn and all those feelings of nostalgia, the new season brings. What would be your personal interpretation?

I love Fall! It’s my favorite season hands down. Just everything from hayrides, pumpkin picking, hot beverages, cozy sweaters .. it’s just perfect. NYC in the Fall is so magical. It really is.

In addition to our interview, we also did an exclusive shoot with you. How much fun was it being part of it and what did you wish to bring into it?

I had such a great time and the team was such a pleasure to work with! The hairstylist brought different pink wigs to play up different “Audrey” characters. I love doing something different so that was a lot fun. Colby Smith did my makeup who is fantastic, I call him the makeup god. He does the best smokey eye that’s ever existed. The photographer Ally Lindsay whom I met at MILK studios during the Jeremy Scott show last year, her and I have become buddies. She is blast to work with! I hope the photos portray the story of running around NYC playing dress up in a rebellious glamorous way.

What does the future hold for Audrey Kitching?

I’m currently working on my own clothing line due out this Holiday season called Luna. Everything is custom dyed by the company that does all of Urban Outfitters renewal stuff, so you know it’s going be ultra fun and edgy! I also designed a 12 piece shoe collection for a company in Italy, I’m flying to Milan to promote it this Fall. Last but not least I did an amazing capsule collection for a brand called Black Blessed out of Rome! Think metallic rainbows and nude leather meets distressed sweaters! I have been doing a lot more design recently and I think that’s where my heart is.

Audrey Kitching © CHASSEUR MAGAZINE Audrey Kitching © CHASSEUR MAGAZINE dress SENA NYC | tights BEBAROQUE | kimono BLACK BLESSED | shoes JEFFREY CAMPBELL | earrings MARINA FINI | bracelet THE 2 BANDITS

Audrey Kitching © CHASSEUR MAGAZINEAudrey Kitching © CHASSEUR MAGAZINEdress SENA NYC | chest piece OS ACCESSORIES | bracelet & ring AUDREY’S OWN

Audrey Kitching © CHASSEUR MAGAZINE crop top and skirt SENA NYC | shoes MIEZKO | headband PATRICIA FIELD | necklace & ring KAREN LONDON



Model: Audrey Kitching
Photographer: Ally Lindsay (The French Fry)
Makeup: Colby Smith
Hair: Kim Garduno
Styling: Erica Russell