Alexis Knox by Anthony Lycett In a time when futurism has already been interpreted in any possible way from the fashion world, a different approach to the concept seems impossible. Still, Alexis Knox manages to reveal a whole new side of it with clear influences from Japanese culture and the Cyberpunk philosophy. Having collaborated with artists such as Jessie J, Bruno Mars, M.I.A., Rizzle Kicks, Rita Ora and Lykke Li, one can only wonder what’s next for Alexis Knox, other than world domination, that is.

Both music and fashion seem to hold a very important place in your life. Which one won your heart first and in what ways you incorporate one in the other?

Growing up all I wanted to do was perform! From a young age I would dress up and perform to whoever would stand still long enough. I think that has transcended to me becoming a person who loves to engage with people and create stimulating things, and music and style have always gone hand in hand, they enhance each other’s experience. I studied fine art and was mostly interested in interactive artwork , often quite eyebrow raising! I fell into styling due to my love of dressing up and picture making. My degree is in illustration so when I first started shooting editorials I would produce, art direct , cast and style the whole thing; I just loved creating visual stories and experiences! DJing has opened new doors of connecting and entertaining people as well as having another excuse to dress up! Various social media platforms also allow me to engage and entertain – something I would like to spend more time indulging in.

Playful, funky, ‘kawaii’ and altogether plain crazy are in fact the elements which seem to make up the Alexis Knox persona. Are there any times when you find it hard to follow up with this image of the energetic super-girl?

You don’t even see half of it! It’s actually so much more in real life, more colour, more ridiculousness! The hours are so long as well and that’s not something I do talk about regularly as at no point do I want to seem like I’m complaining. I love it all, even the tough moments so it does help to be a particularly energetic type of person! Plus I’m genuinely really happy and feel really blessed so that definitely helps give me some momentum!

Your clientele includes big names such as Bruno Mars, Jessie J & The Hurts – what do you think it is about your work/personal style of work that lands such big names?

I’m the fashion director of Notion Magazine, a bi-monthly fashion and music magazine, so that allows me to combine my love of music and style! It also allows me the opportunity to work with some big names. I also enjoy meeting new people and even though things may seem super crazy, I actually have a pretty relaxed way of working with people.

Seeing that your work has such an avant-garde standpoint, it begs to ask, what are the things that feed your creativity?

Initially I took a lot of my inspiration from underground club culture. When I first moved to London it was so inspiring to experience and also to learn about the culture of previous clubbing generations. In recent years however it feels that kids have stopped going out and dressing up. With increased social media there’s a tumblr generation of what effectively are club kids that don’t need to leave their bedrooms to in order to gain adulation, respect and fans/followers. Trends are created and destroyed online before they even make it into the real world, let alone the dance floor.

It is quite evident from your style that you seem to share a certain fascination with Japanese culture. What sparked this interest and what is it that you love the most about it?

It so weird because I’ve never been to Japan, and didn’t really have any clue about anything of this kawaii Japanese culture until people started telling me I was really kawaii and manga-esque. I was just wearing what I liked! To be honest I’ve never really even looked into it much but I know I would LOVE to go t Japan. I’m also digging KPop – which I only learnt about after everyone thought I was styling the band 2NE1, because we share the same wardrobes!

On a lighter note, how crazy can Saturday nights get with Alexis Knox?

Totally cray cray (laughs)! I’ve started a YouTube playlist called Alexis’Adventures, because people are equally interested in what I get up to when I’m not styling! So I dj as well, and I have a lot of colourful friends – so it’s good times!

What’s next?

World Domination I guess!

Alexis Knox by Anthony Lycett