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Guðmundur Jörundsson 2013 Autumn Winter CollectionIceland, the land of fire, ice and judging from all the amazing works showcased in the Reykjavic Fashion Festival that took place a few weeks back, great talent. One of the participant designers, Guðmundur Jörundsson of JÖR by GUÐMUNDUR JÖRUNDSSON, talked to us about his experience and gave us some exclusive insights on his brand new collection.

There is no a better way to start this interview by asking you about the A/W 13 Collection that you just showcased in Reykjavik Fashion Festival. What is the first thing that comes on your mind about that week? 

The Reykjavik Fashion Festival was brilliant for the JÖR team. It was our first ever womenswear collection and I think it truly was a good decision adding the womenswear. Additionally we are opening up a flagship store in Reykjavik next week. The reviews for our collection have been great so we are looking forward to the coming months.

Compared to your debut S/S 13 collection, we did sense an evolving aesthetic regarding the silhouettes of some of the pieces and we were pleasantly surprised to see some womenswear designs as well. Tell us more about this collection.

Our A/W ’13 collection is built on prisonwear, stripes, mystique, darkness and dirt. The idea of the collection was to combine one world with men and women – where there would be no visible difference between them. So they fade into one, more like unisex but very rough and chic. The silhouettes are looser and rugged, more fashionable. It was really great to make the womenswear in addition. I think the brand got a desired depth to the collection. It pushed the brand to a top class level.

Who are the people JÖR by GUÐMUNDUR JÖRUNDSSON designs for?

Cool people who like quality and natural fibers.

Regarding the notion of style, do you feel that a ‘ten commandment’ handbook actually exists dictating a bunch of unbreakable rules? Do you believe in the do’s and don’ts of style?

No, I don’t really have any rules to follow, except to break conventional rules of design.

According to the label of JÖR by GUÐMUNDUR JÖRUNDSSON what is the ultimate must have item for a man and a woman?

It’s a high collar wool coat from JÖR.

Shall we wait any more surprises in the coming future of the label JÖR by GUÐMUNDUR JÖRUNDSSON?

Most definitely!

Photos : Regis Colin – NowFashion