Original, minimalistic, up to the minute and accurately impressive Klara Kalicz has dawned upon the fashion sphere with a look that is scrupulously out of this world. Curious about her unique approach to fashion, we wanted dive deep into the mind and core of Klara Kalicz and seek out the inner workings of such a brand.

What was your principal ambition with the minimalistic and epically industrialized collection you presented this year at the SS14 Berlin Fashion Week?

The main ambition was to get back to my reptile style, this time using a more sophisticated approach. I wanted to keep its strength but also make it more accessible for consumers through more ready-to-wear pieces. The challenge was to create the metal embellishment and make it work with the fabrics. It was a really nice experience to work together with Janka Juhos, the designer behind JUJJ Jewelry.

Was there a particular trend you severely strayed away from in your current collection?

I design very instinctively. I’m not following trends, just my own feelings and thoughts. I don’t see fashion as a form of inspiration, I see it as a way to express myself.

You seem to have a love for the unconventional creating pieces, which are avant-garde and intricate in nature. What’s the story behind that?

I am really interested in the art aspect of fashion, hence why I like creating sculpture-like pieces which might be crazy but in all cases are wearable.

Due to your innovative fashion approach, you have been part of many art/visual projects either as a costume designer or a stylist. Would you describe the process of sharing your vision with a more commercial audience an easy or difficult task?

It is interesting, because I really easily can switch between working on my designs and as part of a creative team. It’s always refreshing to be part of a good art project.

Metal ornaments have been used throughout your new designs – a concept which you tend to incorporate a lot in your work. What do you think such materials can contribute to the overall styling?

I love metals, with their hardness and shine I can express a lot of things. Still I believe though that there are lot of other techniques and materials to explore as well.

Thank you for answering these questions! Nevertheless, before we wrap up this interview please spill the beans on what is next for Klara Kalicz!

Actually I am in Indonesia, currently working on my new collection. Here I am able to explore several traditional techniques while I’m always full with new inspirations. I’m in a stage of experimenting at the moment, but I can tell you, colors are included.