Model scout, Cesar Perin, has been responsible for some of the most iconic new faces gracing the pages of fashion publications worldwide, including British Vogue. Reigning from Brazil, Perin left his home without knowing an ounce of English and traveled to the UK. His path to success has not been without trials and tribulations but he has managed to make a name for himself and even start his own agency, Unsigned Management. Perin shares with us some words of wisdom and intimate moments on his way to success. We suggest everyone take some notes.

At a younger age, did you ever predict you would turn scouting into a career?

Not in the scale that I’m doing now. I had worked in a small ad agency in South Brazil where I cast actors for TV commercials, but I’d never contemplated a career out of spotting talent directly from the source.

Transitioning from Brazil to a place like London must have been somewhat of a bumpy ride. How did you handle this transition?

It was a life experience that no university could have offered. It was almost like having a chance to start my life over. The transition was natural; I set myself a goal and did it my own way.

Not knowing any English and living in London must have been a challenge all in itself. Were there any instances in which you felt like it was all too overwhelming? How did you cope with these moments?

People always tend to feel sorry for themselves and moan about how hard the past or life is. I had to clean toilets for a living when I first arrived in London in 2001! Now I go shopping in the same place where I cleaned those toilets. Nothing fazed me. I made the choice to start again from scratch when coming to London, I took responsibility for my decisions, ignored the bad influences and did what I needed to do. Was it hard? Nope! Challenging, definitely yes.

Fast-forward a few years and you are the owner of Unsigned Management. At what point in your scouting career did you feel ready to take it to the next level?

Scouting Eden Clark, who made the cover of British Vogue was a definite moment. I found her at a music festival whilst listening to the Rolling Stones. Watching her rise from anonymity to fame in a matter of months was incredible. Then of course finding Alexander Beck, Max Rendell, Anders Hayward, Reece Sanders, Arran Sly, George Elliot .. so many highlights.

What would you say is the most appealing quality about a person’s face?

It’s about how photogenic someone is, someone that can photograph well from different angles, someone whose looks can blow a photographer’s mind when they make only a minimal change of expression or head movement.

Would you say all the models you have scouted have something in common?

They certainly all have the admiration of international photographers and casting directors. They are all cool, not pretending to be more than they are; I’m very lucky to have found them and to have gained their respect in return. They keep Unsigned Management thriving.

The word beauty carries a different definition in respect to whoever is asked. What would be your definition of beauty?

I think that beauty is not in the obvious, it is not measurable, it needs to drag me in. Beauty is strange.

What advice could you give aspiring models?

Be your natural self, have fun in the process and stick with people that really believe in you.

What’s next?

What’s next .. don’t you mean who’s next? Right now I’m taking part in a male model search with ITV and HOM called ‘The Complete Package’. I’m determined to find a hunk that can be recognized internationally, the next David Gandy. I think we might have found him, I’ll keep you posted!