Jesse MarcoMeet Jesse Marco. A peculiarly modern fusion of music, fashion, and art. This globe trotter isn’t playing games: he can be found DJing tunes in the tunnels of fashion’s most well regarded designers. His expression calls all dancers and music lovers to gather together and share in the freedom of release. Let’s take a deeper look into the life of Jesse Marco.

What’s more relevant electronic music or hip hop?

Well, i’d like to think all different genres are as relevant as you make them, but dance music is huge and cannot be stopped. I think there will be some hip hop influenced dance music that moves people the way we see progressive house moving people in the near future. It’s all just going to be miss mashed very soon which I quite like.

What are the constraints DJing a runway show?

Well for one the mix is usually pre-recorded. And it usually has a theme or an aim, whether it’s to influence people, shock them or put them at ease. It usually goes along with the pieces and what the vibe is in the show I’d say. It’s cool but can be challenging to put your touch on something while having the ear of the designer.

How did you get your start in music?

My mom bought me a toy casio keyboard when I was 3. Then I started carrying other dj’s records, when i was much older.

What do you want to do with your music?

Have fun with it, express myself through it, dance to it, share it with other people. Just have fun, have the freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want.

Do you find that the people you work with in the fashion industry have a specific musical vision or do you have to fill in the blanks for them?

No i’d say music and fashion go hand in hand, I think the people that are at the forefront of style and design tend to have knowledge of great music, whether new or old. I can’t speak for everyone though.

Jesse MarcoHow would you describe your personal style, what are you wearing Saturday mornings?

Simple and minimal. I wear the same apc jeans everyday for the last five years maybe? I think maybe I have two pairs… Sweatshirts, crew necks, hoodies, as long as they are great quality. I do collect some vintage things but not too many. Saturday morning I’d probably still be sleeping from the gig the night before or on an airplane.

Who are you listening to on your iPhone this week?

My spottily says: James Brown, Junior Boys, Twin Shadow, Holy Ghost, Goldie, Moby, Cold Cut, Kanye, The Smiths, Disclosure, French Montana, Jessie Ware, Oliver, Major Laser

Are you a true millennial?

If we’re defining that as post 9-11 new york teens then yes – that said when someone says “millennial” it sounds more like a group of entitled assholes and I don’t relate to that.