Our debut print issue is the culmination of our journey thus far, and so fittingly is an exploration of the many ideas associated with the concept of ‘motivation’. Taking an anthropological standpoint, we lay clear our aim to showcase the variety of motivations which shape an individual to follow their heart and dreams in the pursuit of creativity.

From the ongoing dedication of Xander Zhou to fashion, and Julian Zigerli’s fun approach to design, to the rebel spirit of Judson Harmon. The unlimited imagination of Damien Blottière, the strong ambition of Victoria and Tomas, the unrestrained independence of Idan Gilony and Fanny Lawaetz. The intimate nature of Jessica Yatrofsky, and the sex-fuelled aesthetic of Chris Phillips, LOVE ALONE is our heartfelt testimony to a diverse range of motives, each with a strength and love story of its own. With this endeavour we aim to inspire you into finding your own story. Ours, has always been one of love and love alone. Our love, and ultimately: Your love. That is why we dedicate this issue to everyone who has made it possible, to everyone who makes it possible. For you, for us, and for all those we all aim to inspire in the hopes that they will follow. Make it happen.

Chasseur Magazine issue #10 - Spring Summer 2015 | cover Steve Milatos wearing Hugo by Hugo Boss


CHASSEUR issue #10 (S/S 2015) includes 112 pages featuring:

exclusive interviews with Xander Zhou, Julian Zigerli, Judson Harmon, Victoria/Tomas, Henrik Silvius, Idan Gilony and Fanny Lawaetz (UY), Jessica Yatrofsky, Damien Blottière and Chris Phillips.

exclusive editorial works shot in Tokyo, London, Milan, Paris, New York, Perth, Warsaw and Athens by Joey Leo, Zosia Zija, Jacek Pioro, Ryosuke Maezawa, Hirohito Okayasu, Greg Lewis, Danny Roche, Chairit Prapai, Adam Peter Johnson and Simone Lorusso.


To order a print send us an email with your interest at chasseurmagazine@gmail.com using the subject ‘ORDER LOVE ALONE‘ .  Price | 17 EU 19 USD  12 GBP (excluding p&p costs)