Spring has finally arrived and we couldn’t feel any happier. Winter has been an amazing period for Chasseur but spring has always had that strange effect on us. There is something inexplicably fascinating about all the wonderful changes that the new season brings. It feels as if the whole world awakens from its slumber and everything comes to life once again. Fascinated by these very changes, we decided to create an issue where the fragile nature of beauty would be explored. From the visceral designs of Rein Vollenga and the timeless creations of BJØRG to the raw art of Sarah Trouche and the voyeuristic photographic standpoint of Goodbye Horses, ‘This Strange Effect’, features a collage of visually enticing and romantically intense images and stories which will take you on an emotive journey where you can only grow young.

Other talented individuals include fashion designers Raun Larose and Laend Phuengkit, African photo trio I See A Different You, Spanish photographer Barbara Vidal and Dj Miss Nine (Kristin Schrot). The new issue also includes the work of photographers Brent Chua, Caroline Mackintosh, Joey Leo and Patrick Lacsina.