An ‘afterglow’ is defined as the atmospheric light that remains on the sky for a short time after the sun has set. On a metaphorical level an afterglow could also be seen as a dying ember, minutes before it finally succumbs to the power of night’s all consuming darkness. Inspired by the majestic nature of this phenomenon, we created an issue where light and darkness come into the form of fashion and art and the afterglow serves as the fine line that stands between them. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed making it.

The new issue includes exclusive interviews with New York-based fashion photographer Tomaas, Japanese illustrator Yuko Rabbit as well as fashion designers Alexandre Plokhov, Konstantin Kofta, Leon Louis, Sylvio Giardina, Klara Kalicz, Lucas Straetmans and Thi Wan. In addition, Afterglow features exclusive editorial works from Kay Smith, Emma Woolrych, Romain Duquesne, Winter Vandenbrink and Daniel Holfeld.