Christian l'enfant Roi 2014 Spring Summer CollectionChristian L’enfant Roi S/S14 is a visual compliment which highlights the discussion surrounding parallel universes’. Both exploration and innovation have been implemented to suggest how surreal such a thought might be. The collection can be labelled as loungewear for men, but we trust you to judge that this does not mean sports shop jogging bottoms. With elements of class and metallic/earthy overtones as a reigning characteristic throughout this beautifully simplistic collection, Christian L’enfant Roi has managed to create a understated but quirky and bold collection.

Boxy tailoring, yes a paradox in itself- but that is what the collection offers. It dares to comply with the latest fashion demand for oversized and box shaped garments but manages to tailor these garments also, creating the best of both worlds.

Rusty tones help to add warmth to the previously cool pallet of metallic colouring. The palette for this collection also specifically introduces shades of burned tobacco, dusty orange, yellow maize (hinted within garments) and robin egg blue. So versatile, yet so in sync, the colour palette chosen compliments the ‘eclectic carnival-esque’ theme that Christian L’enfant Roi was trying to establish. Fabrics range from linen- silk- cotton, a luscious textural addition to the mouth wateringly gorgeous palette selection.

The range is designed to be ‘highly wearable’ but fashion forward to say the least- highly appropriate for savvy and fashion focused gentlemen of all ages. The range certainly redefines our previously biased smart/casual opinions and broadens our perspective/taste values.