Fencing is a sport that dates back for centuries. It is a form of martial art, that incorporates the use of blades, to disarm and attack one’s opponent. Christian L’enfant Roi has drawn upon the grace and finesse of the movement involved in the activity, to produce his masterful S/S15 menswear collection. The looks boast clean, structural silhouettes. L’enfant Roi has taken key elements of the fencing uniform – including the fitted jacket, breeches and plastron – and created minimalist versions of them. Fencing attire is traditionally made out of sturdy cotton and durable nylon, for protective purposes. L’enfant Roi has substituted these materials – using natural fabrics to create a more relaxed aesthetic. There is a definitive focus upon sartorial elegance: darted trousers and shorts are well-constructed, and yet retain a sense of casualness. Prints feature on some garments – courtesy of Mike Rinaldi – whilst the rest of the collection appears in a limited palette of muted black, slate grey, and matt ivory. L’enfant Roi succeeds in designing clothing that captures the underlying delicate nature of such a combative sport.