Claudia Garrido 2013 AW Collection at Portugal Espaco BLOOM FASHIONThe concept of adorning the face with such extreme and constraining head attire means that the theme within the design continues throughout the body and doesn’t become disrupted by the nude head.  The collection showcases knitwear and the majority of the designs oppose the notion of restraining the body.

Ridging, bunching, layering- the collection is all about size and elaborating upon Oscar Wilde’s story of ‘The Selfish Giant’. It also is representative of boxing greats of the 70s. As with any designer, the connotations within the designs are subtle and to anyone unwilling to understand the concept of subtleties that help to elaborate upon narrative content, then it will just be another great knit collection.

In her recent Winter 2013/14 collection at Portugal Espaco Bloom Fashion, she showcased an array of grey, orange, green and red structural and contorted garments that highlighted contortion of fibres within the variety of materials. These materials include wool, mohair and denim.  Cláudia Garrido is conscious of verging away from merely the vanity concept that many designers stick by, so focuses on being eco and environmentally friendly. She does so by reusing jeans from previous collections, recycling them to give them a new birth of life and reinvent their original narrative. The jeans showcase the lower body’s form which toys with the idea of showing some shape but not too much.

The jumpers are however not plain as you might expect from previous descriptions. One has a robin on its front, another a skull and another is completely covered with cluttered writing. This is a more visually stimulating way of suggesting elements of the meaning. The imagery is more often than not surrounded by chunky knit to help emphasis the picture content.  The colour within the clothing progresses from warm to cool which is suggestive of natural undertones. Our immediate interpretation when noticing the combination of colours is to relate the grey tones to earth and the hotter shades of orange and red to the sun. It’s fair to say that the collection is full of pattern, colour and texture that are both visual stimulating and pleasing.

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