Exceptional in its own manner Comme Des Garçons has had a prosperous affair with the fashion world for quite a while. Therefore, one can only imagine that AW14 collection is entirely out of this world. Sewed in with simple tones there is a minimalistic sense of combination. In addition, there is the ever presence of “holes”. Black jackets/blazers tickled with missing sections stole the show. Revealing bottom pieces in reds, purples and greens (just to name a few) it was merely beginning of this incredible line. Inimitable, rare, unique with the consciousness of a modern day pimp there are elements that stand out above anything imagined. One factor would have to be the shiny globs of hair epically masked across the faces of the models. Complementing the absence of obnoxious shades the glimmering and covering manes act as the most interesting accessories!

Images: style