Every season we see the high street taking increasingly bold steps to imitate the catwalk. Designs seen on the catwalk are filtered down onto affordable prints and when done well, it is hard to tell which is the original and which is the copycat. With this increasing scene, it is therefore refreshing to see certain high street retailers and brands doing their own thing.

COS do not try and imitate catwalk trends or the dictates of high fashion. The brand has been built on consistently providing clean, sleek and simple designs with an everyday elegance. The spring menswear collection does not break any of the brands rules. Swedish minimalist is very much the order of the day.

Comprising of a mostly grey, black and white colour palette, there are pops of colour from pastels, bright greens and reds. The fit is modern and very wearable. Sportswear has ben highly influential with trousers and outerwear both taking on a versatile, action ready vibe. Whilst sticking to the same themes as previous years, the spring collection also features newness in the form of experimentation with shapes, asymmetrical designs and layering.