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When a collection comes off as extremely personable where it can be understood on many different levels, a brand has achieved something monumental – the ability to be universally relatable. Parisian brand, Damir Doma, has produced a menswear collection for the masses for the SS14 season. Inciting inspiration from contrasting textures, exchanges between light and shadow, and the balance between parts of a whole, we see much fluidity. Entertaining a soft, wistful approach, the fabrics, colors, and prints seem to flow in and out of each other with ease like the most common elements we see in life – air and water. Comprised of simple silhouettes and neutral tones, this collection doesn’t require a lot of extra hype or embellishments because each piece carries its own intriguing essence.

The minor details that are visible like the mesh panels, unfinished hem-work with rough edges, accent pockets, and the marriage of soft cotton with leather encapsulates the relationship between tough and tender in such a subtle, poetic way. The lookbook also does this collection justice with its dreamy vibe, you can almost feel a soft longing for spring’s rebirth. Some key pieces to note are the elongated gray sweater, ombré button up, wrap-jacket with side closure, acid wash trim denim jacket, and mesh detailed bomber.