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Blazing trails and igniting smoke alarms is how it begins at Dummyhead Depaysemen. Monochrome has never looked so striking in its reformed apparel. Notice how a slick classic white shirt whispers the details of smoke fumes edging up towards the collar bone. Check how the entire look is being gravitated towards a natural force, enticing this pattern not only to be fluid in its movement, but how it has also captured a moment too. It’s as if an incense stick has travelled up the garment and let the trail stay still and present, documenting a property that cannot be consumed, but focusing on its aesthetic. This one part of the collection opens up the concept for the collection, slick, sloppy and slouchy, with the utmost dedication to creating a new shape to wear. Material is vital here. The geometry is too. Everything is tucked in or cropped over. Using durable metallic leather to overlay the top part of the body with what looks like an extra part of skin, the clothing sits in a loose, but refined position as each coat and jacket collapses on the bottom part of the body, extending the identity of the broad short or elongated slim fit pant. With furs adding to its suave nature of complacent and serious tones, the contrast between the shaggy and the shackled shows a newer tone to outdoor adventures in a more polished world.