Industrial, strong and inspired by art movements, is the only information a man or a fashion aficionado needs to know before laying eyes on Enfin Levé’s fifth collection. “Constructivism” drew inspiration from Constructivist and Suprematist movements that fundamentally are in contrast with each other: the first is focused on the object and the latter on the significance of feeling. Those two combined and translated into minimal and conceptual garments, provide the contemporary man with a powerful sartorial tool that is in sync with his time. Sixteen looks based on black, white, grey and a statement touch of burgundy, have sharp tailoring that falls effortlessly on the body. Outerwear has a leading role through the collection with minimal patchwork of geometric shapes, and a longer version of the bomber jacket. Of course, print is limited but not totally absent, as it subtly peek-a-boos the crisp white shirts.