Euro Punk at the Cité de la musique When we hear the term ‘punk’, instantly Sex Pistols, angry songs, long hair and ripped jeans come to mind but the history shows us that there is much more to that. During the ‘70s, England is going through yet another economic crisis, and the whole world is facing a major threat due to the new nuclear weapons. The revolutionary youth, as always, is the first to declare war with the establishment, a ‘war’ with a lot of music, art, and fashion. The new bands that were formed at the time didn’t follow the rock sound that was widely spread, but a new sound, more rough, raw and angry. Of course the punk movement didn’t stay confined just to the music scene. To become a punk you needed the mentality, the outfit, and the attitude.

The Cité de la musique in Paris is dedicating its last exhibition to this exact phenomenon, covering it from any possible aspect. Apart from the many album covers of The Clash, Patti Smith, Joy Division, and many other bands, the famous T-shirts by Vivienne Westwood, the fanzines and magazines of the period, Euro-Punk is giving visitors a real punk experience. Not only is there a jukebox which allows anyone to chose their favorite punk song, but there is also a soundproof room with musical instruments to test your skills and talent along with a machine to make your own badges – a huge trend associated with the punk movement. In that way the aim of Cité de la musique is to remind what punk was, and how it influenced the artistic scene.

Duration | October 15 – January 14
Address | 221 avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019,  Paris