I am a great believer that sometimes it really is best to call a spade a spade. I would like to call the all-a-bit-much-now ‘streetwear’ malarkey the spade of all spades. ‘Streetwear’ as a term merits much more in-depth discussion, owing to its various interpretations and established definitions, but let us, for the purposes of this review, use the made-up word to refer to that quite sporty, very casual, ever so slightly gangsta trend that has been many a designer’s go-to for some time now.

The thing is, it is easy. There is little that is particularly artful about most of this sartorial (dare I say) subculture. Nonetheless, while some of us have had enough, the trend doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of arrest. As a result, those at Fear of God will likely be bang on with their sporty fabrics, loose cuts reminiscent of dance studio attire and all important zips. And as long as the brand has the support of Yeezy and Riri, those bombers and sweats will remain the epitome of covetable and cool.