Fetishistic aesthetics have infiltrated mainstream fashion ever since the burgeoning punk scene of the 1970s but what exactly fuels our fascination with this sartorial style? Whether these rousing aesthetics are adopted as a mode of self-display or as an erotic investment, whether you’re testing the waters or a steadfast fetishist; bondage wear embodies deviance and the ability to transform the body with its aesthetic denotations. Specifically, fetish orientated accessories permit the wearer to experience the magnetism of BDSM subcultures through stylistic adornment where pieces can be transitioned into everyday life and relished with desire. Although fetishistic wear enjoys mainstream popularity it remains imperative to its originators and creators that it conserves a sense of authenticity and expertise and with this in mind we decided to delve further into the underlying world of indulgent fetishism and explore the underbelly of luxury fashion and bondage brand Fleet Ilya.

As a subversive label that pervades the exploration of human desire, husband and wife duo Ilya Fleet and Resha Sharma strive to blur the distinction between fashion and fetish. Artfully constructed and covertly erotic, the label suffuses each piece with traditional craftsmanship and artistic direction owing to the couple’s diverse training in traditional saddle making and graphic design. With authenticity at its heart, Fleet Ilya endeavour to disparage the sexual clichés associated with bondage, straddling the line between form and function. Designed in their South London studio each piece is lovingly handcrafted from superior leather and imbued with devotion; from their definitive visors and satchels to full body harnesses and layered wrist cuffs, the entire selection radiates desire.


As featured in Chasseur issue #11 – YOURS WAS THE BODY (AW15)

Fleet Ilya AW15  key pieces were photographed exclusively for Chasseur

Photography | Thang LV
Styling | Olga Chernykh
Make Up | Inna Kirioglo
Hair | Louis Souvestre
Model | Steffi @ SUPA