Eastern culture has steadily taken over all forms of art with its majestic and multidimensional nature. Some of the most common perceptions of Japan, are placed within the traditional myths, the futuristic visions and, of course, in the 80s reality of Alphaville. What has been the least exposed side of this country though, is what’s been considered a classic era in America: the ‘50s. The photographic duo Formento + Formento bring to life a hauntingly beautiful series, “The Japan Diaries”, taking place in the ‘50s. Staying true to the high-quality body of work they are known for as well as their melancholic aesthetic, their new series withhold a dark romanticism that flirts with the boundaries of danger. The inspiration, amongst other, is drawn by Ero Guro’s paintings, blended out with tradition and sensuality. All these, put in the mix could provide for a standard concept, but Formento + Formento’s distinguishing vision could not do otherwise but offer an intense visual seduction.

Formento+Formento - The Japan Diaries