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InAisce 2013 Autumn Winter CollectionIf ever there was a designer whose very allure was embedded in mystery itself, it would be Jona (as he is known) of the designer label InAisce. This designer is well known for his innovative garments that evoke a unique edge via an archaic route. InAisce, favours neautral tones that are representative of the designers biggest inspiration, nature. This inspiration is reflected in InAisce’s FW 13/14 womenswear collection. The Pilgrim collection channels scenery and myth to tell the tale of an epic journey. Pilgrim features a range of draped coats that form architectural silhouettes along with enthralling hats and hoods that give an air of sophistication. The strong/straight lines in this collection (seen particularly in its dresses and Fall coats) highlight female strength and, reflect the sense of being sprung from the roots of the earth into the eye of the fashion beholder. The subtle nod to mother natures is ever present in this impeccably detailed and solid collection.