With a collection that fits so comfortably within a fashion world which so frequently demands a quirky alternative to the mainstream; the House of Cards range offers an oversized, bright and exclusive alternative to your usual high street brands. The House of Cards look book displays a variety of clothing, including: a repetitive use of a sheer silk- cotton blend fabric in a shade of paprika/coral, featured in a crop top and dress form. The range also includes a palette of blue, purple, black and lilac colouring and plays host to a variety of designs (both fitted and loose).

Whether the outfit is a floaty shirt with a blend of dark to light colouring or a matching halter and shorts, the brand as a whole stand out among the crowd- these designs are not to be worn by the faint hearted. Of course, every collection needs some shoes to hone in on the overall style guide, which is why the House of Cards wooden platform (in black and multi-tone) is the perfect shoe to pair with any design within the range.