Get introduced to Seeking Wonderland, an online retailer that puts the focus on young emerging designers, providing them with the opportunity to share their work with the public in an easier and more accessible manner. Below is a little interview we did with one of the owners of SW, Angela. Enjoy!

When was Seeking Wonderland founded and under what circumstances? was founded near the end of 2011. The idea of this web store had been floating around for over a year, and it was finally put into action that very day!
What was the inspiration behind the company’s name?
A place for everyone to find something special, unique, and definitely something they may or may not own yet.
What sets you apart from other web stores?
We support emerging talents by giving them the space to grow with no initial cost up front. This is a great opportunity for talents to increase their exposures and sales, without adding stress to setting up profiles, listings, and customer services etc. which give them the benefit to concentrate on their next collections.
How would one find Wonderland browsing through your web store?
They would be amazed with the uniqueness and variety we have in our web store. There’s got to be something for everyone!
Who makes the ideal designer for Seeking Wonderland?
Everyone with creativity is an ideal designer to us, we don’t judge, and we help them all equally from the bottom of our hearts. They often share their inspirations to us, and it is our motivation.
You are a Hong-Kong based company. Do you think that the Asian Market is bigger and stronger than ever?
Even though we are based in Hong Kong, we don’t focus in the Asian market; we are a web store that provides free shipping worldwide. But yes, the Asian market is getting stronger, and people are beginning to get into the habit of shopping online just like the westerners!
What should we expect in the future?
You can expect to see more and more new talents joining us. Our menswear section is under construction, and we are also looking to set up some pop up store events i.e. sample sales, which will give us an opportunity to connect with our supporters in real life, so do watch our space at!