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There’s a graphic quality to Joanna Startek’s SS15 collection, which is arguably what makes it so irresistible. It’s as if in this collective shift towards all things easy and quicker to digest, we find more allure and appeal in the almost cartoonish simplification of shapes and forms. And I say that with a very positive tone. Startek’s new-season offering sees geometric details and architecture-inspired motifs and prints. Colours are quiet, save for that bright yellow, and cuts are unfussy.

This collection also perpetuates the phenomenon of the high-end practical wear. This is luxury clothing (read: this is expensive clothing). Yet, pieces encompass all manner of wardrobe essentials. Real essentials – raincoats. That normcore malarkey might have sounded a touch ridiculous, but it would seem that the simple silhouettes and significant necessity for clothes is just as much a luxury as the sense of fashion that’s in fact a sort of shiny paper those clothes come wrapped in.