When the Beatles released “strawberry fields forever” the public could only think of one thing for their source of inspiration – drugs, alcohol and some more drugs. And this exact feeling dominates Johanne Dindler’s all-colourful AW 15′ collection. Floral printed, gold embroided sweaters, bold jackets, long hip hop shorts and onesies are what one should expect from a range that could be described explosive – the least! The young designer launched her London based label in 2014 and through her work she explores intricate graphics and interesting voluminous shapes, with some direct references from street culture and rap in specific. At the same time Dindler manages to conclude in her pieces a great deal of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Overall her presentation gives away the feeling of a 21st century coolness that can make you green with envy that you are not one of the two guys.