Grace Potter and the NocturnalsThe forth studio album of Grace Potter and The Nocturnals is a big step for the group, because in this music compilation, the band leaves its country roots behind and bravely accepts a more experimental rock style. The track list includes eleven new tunes, most of which were originally written and composed by the band, except Never Go Back, the leading single of the album, Loneliest Soul and Runaway, where Dan Auerbach has played the key role of producer. The album also comes in a deluxe version which includes four additional songs, so that makes a total of fifteen songs for you to enjoy. Two of the songs are already out with videos, Stars is one of them, which has a country version with Kenny Chesney. Once again, Grace’s rich vocals add a distinguishing flavour to the album, as she demonstrates her ability to captivate the audience with every word she sings. The overall tone of the album mixes great rhythms of wild and unstrained sounds with expressive, direct and personal lyrics as well as very memorable, provocative electro-rock twists that keep the listener on his toes  through each piece.

Grace Potter