Laura Marling - Once I was An EagleBased on the denial of love and naivety of the central figure of Once I Was An Eagle, Laura Marling centralizes her new folk-rock album as a metaphor for life of the average person. The music is written in three different tunings, each of which stands for the changing emotions of the character. The first four songs, Take The Night Off, I Was An Eagle, You Know and Breathe represent the dark and melancholic part of the human state of mind while the second section, marked with the start of Undine echoes the upbeat and open tone side. The transition of emotions through the music bouquet is barely sensible; the songs flow together as they are a complete mechanism, which keeps the listener ‘tick-tacking’ for more. As part of the promotion, an 18 minutes film entitled When Brave Bird Saved, was produced and used as a visual interlude. Additionally, Master Hunter was released as the leading single with a video soon following. Her life sketching music skills and soft and melodic as well as very expressive and calm voice are the key weapons in this product, and we strongly recommend it to you if you want to go on an adventure, without leaving your house.