If Manic Street Preachers set out to reinvent themselves and banish all ideas that they are an irrelevant band from the public’s consciousness then their latest musical offering has succeeded admirably. Sex, Power, Love & Money is a song that epitomizes this new direction, a tune so unashamedly over the top and addictive that you cannot but be seduced by its power. It’s a groin-in-your-face banger, all power guitars and glam rock propped up by a chorus of sexy lyrics. It is bold, brash and brilliant; a song very much for our times.

And this brilliant new sound is evident all through the album. Take Europa Geht Durch Mich with its heavy industrial sound and female vocals spoken in German, or Mayakovsky, a swirling (almost) instrumental, which closes the album. The Manic’s newest child also boasts its fair share of addictive festival fodder too. The chorus of Walk Me To The Bridge explodes into life and is sure to be a hit at live shows whilst Lets Go To War is disconcertingly pleasing given its subject matter. You could pick any song on the album and be treated to something different from the previous one.

Those who decide to purchase the Deluxe Edition won’t find anything too rewarding as it is a disc of demos but there is a standout track called The Last Time I saw Paris, which deserves a mention. It is a wonderfully moody and dark song, piano heavy with French lyrics interspersed with English to lend the song an air of authenticity and originality.

Manic Street Preachers have certainly raised eyebrows and stoked curiosity with their latest offering and in the process reminded us that as a band they are just as relevant as anyone else.