Japanese label Kielo; is back with yet another strong offering for the new season. This time, the collection was inspired by the so called ‘Beat Generation’ of the 1950s. The Beats were a group of artists from various fields who expressed their pacifist sentiments, during the post World War II era, through their artistic work. Representative figures of the beat generation include Jack Kerouac (author of On The Road), William Burroughs (author of Naked Lunch), music artist Bob Dylan and painter Willem de Kooning, to name but a few. These influences come to life through navy-inspired outfits, the use of classic fabrics such as herringbone, corduroy, chambray and checkered wool, and finally the clever and most creative addition of expressionist-like print motifs and embroidered book cover appliqués. The collection’s lookbook is also heavily inspired by this theme, set in a café similar to what you’d expect from Bernardo Bertolucci’s film The Dreamers, which is also what the designers Yuta Yajima and Erika Mizuno, have chosen to use as the title of the new offering.