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Konsanszky 2014 Spring Summer CollectionDora Konsanszky is the ingenious designer behind the homonymous womenswear label, Konsanszky. Based in Hungary, she produces garments inspired by 3D tailoring and the intricate art of French corsetry, which Konsanszky so uniquely perceives. Therefore the Spring/Summer 2014 collection could be no exception. The idea behind it was born on a flight back from Japan and interwined the legendary personality of Joni Mitchell, Japanese experiences and the art of camouflage. All three of them came out smoothly forming an extremely coherent collection for its versatility. Crisp white shirts and skirts with a delicate tailoring play that shows off the corsetry interpretation, combined with voluminous leather tops and color-degrading, texture-alternating pants. Konsanszky does conceptual, casual and sportive dressing so effortless and, despite the fact of limiting herself to a three-color palette of white, dusty orange and black, she was able to design a very imaginative yet contemporary wardrobe, proving that the stocks of creativity do not run out that easily.