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With a collection entitled ‘Feeding the Ghosts’, it is not a complete surprise to see pieces that are dark, moody and atmospheric in their tone. The latest collection from Belgian based designer Krjst draws its inspiration from the ongoing tension between dominant and subservient culture. The Krjst III range is a progression from the previous collections of Krjst I, which focused on religious subversion, and Krjst II which continued this theme. Post colonialism is a key influence on Krjst III, in a sense that a country may be haunted by a past that cannot be erased. Add to this, influences of rap and blues music and the results are an interesting and focused range. The new range uses dual processes of deconstruction which gives clothes new meanings when reinterpreted. Tonally, the collection is dark with heavy use of electric blue, black, deep purple and grey. Prints and sharp tailoring helps create a collection that will have you sitting up and taking note.