KRJST 2014 Spring Summer CollectionOn a gloomed overcast upon a mesmerizing scene the KRJST SS14 was layered into a view that is tremendously unforgettable. Blasted with prints that seem flamboyant yet serene there is a peculiar mixture that this collection necessitates. Through its designs there is a level of inspiration that is honestly demonstrated in full authentic nature. Designated like so, “KRJST takes its character from the polyphonic identity of prismatic art “. Arriving at one from the multiple” is the red line from which the different pieces in the collection is formed. The fruit of a collaboration between Justine de Moriamé and Erika Schillebeeckx, two designers and former La Cambre students (2011) with notably different personalities”.

With a subtle kiss of cultures each piece is brightly depicted as a work of art. Yes, wearable art is what I believe this should be described as. For this brand and collection is honestly a glimpse into looks outside of any expected region. This is also a GRAND rule when working with other collaborators. “Each as well as numerous guest collaborators in the collection are invested not only in fashion but in other art forms, further enriching KRJST’s platform”. Challenging and pushing the envelope the KRJST SS14 collection is totally one of a kind and a glance into a new era of style and unique complexity.