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Lara Quint 2014 Autumn Winter Collection Largely inspired by traditional Japanese armour, it is plainly obvious in many of these garments’ shapes that Lara Quint’s woman is a warrior. (The lookbook styling and namely that headwear are your reminder, had you not noticed on your own.) The Bushido collection (the word in Japanese stands for the way of the samurai life) is strong in its lines that render almost cartoon-like graphic forms, immediate markers of power and strength, but with a significant quietude underpinning the overall aesthetic. There is something gentle and delicate, in the wrap constructions for example; the bows are even almost girly. Things are much more grown-up than that though. Textiles are an interesting and varied mix of linen, silk organza, wool, fur (faux), leather, silicone and cotton, and colours are full of intrigue: “Bushido colour palette is based upon beige, black and white, as well as inevitable accents on red – the symbol of blood and death. Beige is the colour of rice paper, black is the calligraphy and outlines of engravings, and white is the colour of snow and geisha’s make-up.” The AW14 offering is not bad at all. Although it arguably leans too far in the direction of costume, at times overly referential, Quint’s latest collection demonstrates her impressive potential as a designer able to interpret notion and transform it into tangible visuals. And, in short, that’s what it’s all about.