Leo Caillard - Hipsters In Stone With quite a witty outlook, Léo Caillard’s work is a downright commentary on the subjective perception of the image and furthermore, reality itself. One only needs to take a look at his portfolio, at series such as the ‘Miami Houses’ or ‘War Game’, to understand the way Caillard tricks the viewer into altering his perspective of concepts such as form, color or even convictions and ideas. Quoting the artist himself “ “Clothes maketh the man” as William Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet. One’s dress sense indicates one’s priorities, choice, lifestyle”. The ‘Hipsters In Stone’ series is one of his most perspicacious projects, highlighting norms that play a dominant role in the shaping of social attitudes and yet, most of the times pass unnoticed. Caillard proves that it only takes a simple piece of clothing to alter the essence of a figure, whether the body is alive or made of marble.

Additionally, through ‘Hipsters in Stone’, Caillard focuses on the connection between posture and personality. The posture, in this case, discreetly reveals an attitude and therefore is set as the base for a whole new narration, through the lens of 21st century’s trends. The outfits Caillard chooses, seem to fit perfectly into the different stories he has created for each statue, thus bringing two completely different concepts into a quite intriguing result.