LIBERUM ARBITRIUM logoGeometrics are the way forward within fashion. Casual, yet portrayed with a subtle formality, Liberum Arbitium take full advantage of combining layers and shapes to develop a man’s style without him looking like he tried too hard. Effortless, in a maintained and designer manner is what the collection communicates. The cuts and proportions almost play on a femininity that shows the understanding of what being comfortable is about. Drop-round-neck t-shirts slinging down the chest match up with flowing points of linen through their trousers or button-up shirts that are worn with such ease. By keeping the theme minimal, the assortment and usage of linear decisions in the blazers and shorts make it more approachable to mix up with other different elements that make it your own. Basic, but believable, Liberum Arbitium’s approach to fashion will stand the test of time and allow contemporary work to soar from designers with the same mindset.