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The larger than life, ever ebullient Katie Eary teased with a Mickey Mouse outline on her AW14 collection. Her pre show buzz inspired a roadblock of attendees, and boy did London’s alterna darling deliver! Katie Eary is a designer who puts the fun back into fashion, delivering consistently brilliant collections that whilst showing her many talents as a designer, also amuse, and more importantly; awe. This season Eary payed homage to the very spirit of London itself with a punk/Seditionaries inspired collection chock full of tartans, bondage straps, pleated kilts and half skirts, S&M body harnesses, zippers galore, bold and sinister graphics on tees and sweatshirts, all topped off with outrageous oversized Mickey Mouse helmets or models sporting mohawks. She reinvented what is arguably one of England’s most iconic cultural movements for the 21st Century global pop cultural zeitgeist, gave it a harajuku twist, whilst simultaneously giving the most recognisable character of all time an extreme makeover. Boom!

Eary continued her mastery of tailoring, this season working with Savile Row don Richard Anderson in an ingenious move in which she created a unique and experimental aesthetic that melded perfectly the UK’s two most important (and opposing) sartorial exports, played expertly with layering and technique, and reveled in her signature violent acid techni-colours and animal prints. Pure Eary, and Eary at her best, it’s now fair to say that this lady truly deserves the title Queen Of The Underground. Bow down London, there is a new fashion rockstar in town.

Photography : Benjamin Turgel for © CHASSEUR MAGAZINE