“Winter is coming”, and KTZ’s goth ‘Warriors’ tribe was more than well prepared garbed and shrouded in the label’s AW14 collection. The White Walkers of KTZ; models sporting ghoulish white out make up strutted the catwalk wrapped in opulent and oversized outerwear in which proportion, design and detail were exaggerated. In amongst KTZ’s signature sportswear/street goth one could see elements which actually called to mind Tsarist elegance, a bold statement in luxury and subversivism, furs, metallics, leathers and a bound to be controversial ‘Fendi’ FF/swastika style design, quilting and the KTZ occult iconography and fantastical design touches were all prominent collection features. Strictly adhering to gothic black, Winter whites, ghostly greys and creams, peppered with metallics, heavy metal hardware accessories, leather baseball caps, visor shades and a distinctive metal forehead plate piece, each look drew progressively louder ‘oohs’ of appreciation from the labels fans. Perfect for life North of the Wall, Siberia, or many parts of North America right now.

Images: style