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Lee Roach is testimony to the adage of if you have a winning formula, stick to it. Roach stunned yet again with his signature minimalist futurism for AW14. He is a surprisingly technically gifted and self assured designer for one so young, with a firmly sombre vision that shows a deeper involvement with his craft than many of his peers. Roach strictly adheres to sleek predominantly black and military greens, on clothing that is very technically detailed. The designer’s collections vary season by season, or rather they evolve, in ways that could be missed to the untrained eye, an example this season being the use of zippers on outerwear that conjures a looser take on the omnipresent biker jacket. Roach deftly employs the principles of form follows function with the application of strapping and buckles for garment fastening, which enable the wearer to adjust the piece as required to suit his individual shape, and for AW14 Roach ups the androgyny ante with his piece de resistance, a pair of ‘halter’ style tops that reveal a naked back banded with straps. Leathers and outerwear are strong features as is his slim, linear tailoring, all given the subtly genius ‘Roach touch’.

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